Strata Schemes Management Act 1996

Strata Schemes Management Act of 1996

All strata plans in NSW are subject to the Strata Schemes Management Act. Its objectives include:

(a) Providing essential information for the management of strata schemes under the Strata Schemes (Freehold Development) Act of 1973 or the Strata Schemes (Leasehold Development) Act of 1986

(b) Outlining proper conduct in the resolution of disputes that arise in connection with strata schemes’ management


The NSW Department of Fair Trading

The NSW Department of Fair Trading is in place to safeguard consumers’ rights and to advise businesses and traders on fair and ethical practices. Providing services directly to individuals and businesses, the department works to create a fair and equitable marketplace.

Fair Trading laws set the rules and regulations to protect consumers’ rights in all of their countless daily and periodic transactions. To do this, the Department of Fair Trading is responsible for investigating any and all potentially unfair practices and ensuring that all products sold in NSW meet all applicable safety regulations and standards.


Strata Community Australia

Formerly the Institute of Strata Title Management, the Strata Community Australia (NSW) is NSW’s largest strata support association.


Consumer Trade and Tennancy Tribunal

As an independent decision-making body, the CTTT’s primary function is to resolve disputes over supply of goods and services, as well as issues pertaining to residential property. Orders issues by the CTTT are legally binding and enforceable, as per the Consumer, Trade and Tenancy Tribunal Act of 2001 and the Consumer, Trade and Tenancy Tribunal Regulation of 2009.


Work Health and Safety Act 2011

Passed on 1 June 2011 by the NSW Parliament, the WHS Act the legal definitions and obligations of workers and all persons conducting business undertakings in order to provide for the health and safety of all workers.


Workcover New South Wales

This government body is dedicated to promoting productive, healthy, and safe workplaces for all workers and employers in New South Wales. Work Cover NSW regulates and oversees over work health and safety issues, including but not limited to:

  • Injury management
  • Workers compensation
  • Licensing and registration of high-risk activities
  • Sustainable return-to-employment practices for injured workers


City of Sydney Council

This council is the local government authority responsible for the commercial, financial, and cultural hub of central Sydney and its surrounding areas. The City of Sydney Council is not only responsible for the central business district (CBD), but also over 30 suburbs within its jurisdiction.


Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority

A division of the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure since April 2011, the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority is responsible for the care, management, and interpretation of natural and cultural heritage resources within its jurisdiction.


Land and Property Information NSW

A division of the Department of Finance and Services, LPI is the key provider of land information services in New South Wales. Authoritative land and property information allows businesses, government, and individuals to make the best informed development decisions for the best possible growth and prosperity.

LPI’s integrated framework provides individuals, businesses, non-profit organisations, and government agencies in NSW with property services such as land title registration, comprehensive property information and valuation, surveying, and mapping.